Updates 07/07/2009

There are some new clips at the 'Design' tab, and all the PDF files are now much smaller (Less than 3MB, as opposed to 10MB).

The cool thing about the layout clips is that there are some articles that were previously only available in print, such as my review of Sean Rowe's album "Magic." (Issue 10, April 23, Page 5).

If you just want to read the review, I've added it to my clips here.

Falls and Fruit 07/06/2009

This evening my boyfriend and I had to to drive out to Hoosick Falls to take care of a speeding ticket acquired on the way back from a trip to the Lakehouse that led to this video.

Well, it turns out we were supposed to go on Thursday, not Monday. In Hoosick Falls with no pleas to bargain, we decided to walk down to the river (something we wanted to do last time, but didn't because after receiving said ticket we were both too grumpy for falls.)

It was more river than falls, but it was a beautiful day for a walk down to the river's edge. We found a makeshift path along the north end of the river and were able to navigate our way down to the shore, where I snapped a few pictures with my camera phone. (Click for larger pics.)

Up the River...
Down the River
I 100% wasn't dressed for walking through brush so my legs got a little scraped up, but otherwise came out unscathed. My boyfriend found some wild blackberries that were small but extremely juicy (a by-product of all that June rain, apparently). It was my first experience with wild blackberries and they were fantastic.

We wandered around "downtown" Hoosick for a while enjoying the first real summer day we've had in a while. We eventually had some pizza on Main Street (I think the place was called Bella Pizza, but I'm not sure) and they let me use their restroom even though the sign said 'Out of Order.'

"We just put that sign up there, you can go ahead." Ha.

The sausage on the pizza was amazing. It was obviously large link sausage that had been cut into chunks, and was sweet and not too peppery. Highly recommended if you ever end up in Hoosick (hopefully not for the same reason we were there.)

On the way back to Albany we stopped at the fruit and vegetable stand on Route 7.  I stopped for the cherries, but stayed for the squash (and zucchini.)

Anyone have any suggestions for other things to do in Hoosick when we go back on Thursday?

Sea of Trees has a free live EP available for download. For details and link, check out the official Camp SOT blog here.

p.s. A free cookie to anyone who can name what movie that spawned the title of this post.

Updates! 07/06/2009

Some changes:

- My blog is now integrated into this site. Think of it as one-stop Cecelia shopping.

- There are new writing samples from Metroland up in the journalism section of this site.  I have been promoted from an intern to a contributing writer, so expect to see a lot more of me in the newsweekly each Thursday.

- A new "Design" tab, featuring some samples of layout work I have done as well as some  event posters.

- Tweaked with the layout a bit.

Expect more updates (as well as regular blog posts) coming soon!