I am a contributing writer for Metroland, an alternative newsweekly covering New York's Capital Region where I also previously worked as an Editorial Intern. I have a background in journalism and communications with experience in social media, hired blogging, editorial management, print and web layout/design, and literary editing.  I am the former Executive Editor of The Chronicle at The College of Saint Rose, where I learned both how to run a newspaper and also how to survive on very little sleep. I was the 2008 recipient of the Gary McLouth Writer of the Year Award for my work with The Chronicle, and was selected to participate in a student panel at the 2009 Associated College Press National College Journalism Conference.

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The Chronicle at The College of Saint Rose

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Newsfront: Dump It on the Residents - Metroland, 7/2/09
Newsfront: Free for All - Metroland, 6/25/09
Tech Life: Heads in the Cloud - Metroland, 6/25/09
Newfront: Get Me Rewrite - Metroland, 6/18/09
Newsfront: Rough Ride - Metroland, 6/11/09
Newsfront: Up for the Challenge - Metroland, 6/11/09
Newsfront: The Bus Stops Stopping Here - Metroland, 5/21/09
Feature: Are We Family? - Metroland, 4/30/09
Newsfront: Hey That's Our Stuff - Metroland, 4/23/09
Sean Rowe, 'Magic' Man - The Chronicle, 4/22/09
Feature: New York State of Green - Metroland, 4/16/09
Bar Guide: What'll It Be? - Metroland, 4/16/09
Newsfront: Residents Against Residence (Inn) - Metroland, 4/9/09
Newsfront: We've Been Served - Oh Wait - Metroland, 4/2/09
Art Murmur: Out of This World - Metroland, 3/26/09
Newsfront: Worry in the Hills - Metroland, 3/26/09
Newsfront: Victims 101 - Metroland, 3/19/09
Newsfront: The Stimulus Express - Metroland, 3/11/09
Newsfront: Full House - Metroland,  2/19/09
ITS considers switch to Gmail - Saint Rose Chronicle, 2/18/09
Feature: Passion on Paper - Metroland, 2/12/09
Newsfront: Small, but Growing - Metroland, 2/5/09
Local church to launch safety map for students - Saint Rose Chronicle, 2/4/09
Saint Rose prepares to weather economic storm - Saint Rose Chronicle, 1/28/09
Restaurant Review: Bread and Jam Cafe - Saint Rose Chronicle, 11/12/08
Adventure Club challenges students - Saint Rose Chronicle, 10/15/08
Saint Rose students turn to bikes for travel and recreation - Saint Rose Chronicle, 9/10/08
Grad Art Show shows off Art Education - Saint Rose Chronicle, 4/30/08
Shoutin' Rosebuds shout it out at Social Justice Center - Saint Rose Chronicle, 4/23/08
Caleb Lionheart are pop-punk rockers with passion - Saint Rose Chronicle, 3/19/08

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